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 A Legend of Zelda Roleplay

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PostSubject: A Legend of Zelda Roleplay   Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:58 pm

The "Dark Mirror"- a relic from an age ago capable of creating evil, twisted versions of anyone on a mere whim- is rumored to have been found. Rather than using its powers to wreak havoc in the world, it was purposefully broken and the pieces were sent to the far reaches of the land of Hyrule in an attempt to prevent such an occurence. However, there have been reports of missing or stolen pieces from many of the guardians who were once responsible for their care.

If the Dark Mirror is successfully reassembled, Hyrule may well vanish entirely.
The tides are turning. Whose side will you join?
Legend of Zelda Roleplay

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A Legend of Zelda Roleplay
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